Saturday, January 7, 2017

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Keep up to date on current dogs needing help, human help needed, how to help our dogs and even what donations we could use, oh wait, the dogs could use everything right for vet bills, dog food donations, dog supplies, crates or any kind of donation is welcomed and appreciated, even your old used dog stuff............ and find out about events by LIKING our Facebook page at 

Lots of changes daily with United Doberman Rescue so stay tuned to all our happenings! Find our adoption or surrender your Doberman applications, along with our volunteer/foster forms here!

UDR consists of non-paid volunteers with well over 100 years combined Doberman experience years, living, working and knowing the Doberman breed exclusively and working with uncountable rescued Dobermans of all temperaments. Rest assured that the decisions made in placing Dobermans are done with exceptional care and concern for every Doberman and owner that is looking to adopt or may need our assistance in surrendering a beloved friend for what ever reason. 

We are "United" for helping all Dobermans!