Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Is the Doberman right for me?

A German named Louis Dobermann is credited with developing the Doberman Pinscher breed in the late 1800s. He was a tax collector and wanted a fierce guard dog to accompany him on his rounds while he carried large sums of money. Dobermann also ran the local dog pound, where he had access to many strays and was able to design the type of dog he felt would best serve him on his rounds. He created the most complex and tenaciously loyal companions known to man. By far the most perfect dogs to some!

We at UDR know Dobermans are the most wonderful and amazing dogs. They are very alert, highly intelligent and very active! They make wonderful family dogs and love their family members to the end, but can be overly protective to that which they see as theirs. They are beautiful, elegant, loyal and the most dedicated companions.  Before adopting or buying a Doberman, do your home-work and be educated on the breed, as this is not a dog suited for all homes. It is a demanding, needy dog that wants constant attention, requires energy release and activity daily. If you don't have time a Doberman is not for you.

They alert their humans, bark loud and will charge strangers which for some might be a problem. This is a dog that NEEDS a daily job with a partner-YOU! It should be socialized well as a puppy with doggy daycare and exposure to many different things. If you don't invest in socializing your young Doberman you run the risk of behavior or temperamental issues as an adult Doberman.

Can you afford a Doberman? Doberman do have significant and costly genetic health issues. 50% of all Dobermans will die of cardiomyopathy and there is no known cure, some will die suddenly with no warning, others may live a few days, months or even a year or two after diagnosis of cardiomyopathy with drugs. They have other significant health issues such as Von Willabrands Disease, a serious bleeding disorder, Hypothyroidism, and Wobblers to name a few of the diseases afflicting this breed.

Be informed and know what you can expect when getting a Doberman! This short Documentary is a great place to start! The Doberman Pincher Club of America is another great resource. We at UDR can also offer lots of advice from living and loving this amazing breed and help you adopt your next companion!