Friday, February 23, 2018

Adoptable Abbi needs your help!

Did you know February is National Pet Dental Health Month? We bring you Adoptable Abbi’s story to show the importance of maintaining your own pet’s dental health:

Abbi is expected to have lived outdoors for most of her 6 years of life, and because of a potentially scavenging lifestyle and inappropriate diet, her teeth are horribly ground down and cracked.  Frankly, they are some of the worst teeth we have ever seen in rescue.  Once Abbi has fully recovered from heart worm treatment and is safe to undergo anesthesia, she will require extensive and VERY expensive dental surgery.  Though UDR knew of Abbi’s teeth issues, and the likelihood of incurring thousands in vet bills, we have been happy to welcome and help this sweet and gentle girl. 

WHY – Abbi is the epitome of a rescue dog’s spirit overcoming her difficult past - she LOVES humans and attention.  She is currently residing in boarding, and does very well with the other dogs.  Abbi is easy going and obedient – she knows sit, shake and takes treats nicely.  She has been enjoying the ‘good life’ as an indoors dog, and would love a quiet and loving home of her own.

Abbi with her doggy daycare pals and fellow Adoptable Luki

-By donating to her care and surgery costs.  Where to send mailed donations and to our online Paypal (note you don’t have to have a Paypal account to use the host) is on our Website  
-By sending her a goodies care package from our Amazon Smile Wishlist
-By completing a foster application for Abbi – we would love for her to recover from her dental surgery in a peaceful and caring foster home.  UDR will pay for all approved vet care and medication costs while Abbi is in foster care.
-By completing an adoption application if you’re looking to permanently add this loving girl to your home 
-By sharing Abbi’s story with anyone else who might be looking for a sweet senior Dobergirl.

Thank you so much to our supporters - You are true heroes for dogs like Abbi!!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Alumni Pupdate - Storm

Storm was part of our Fiesta Litter, which was born into rescue on Valentine’s Day.  Little did we know how apt a name ‘The Fiesta Litter’ was for this gang of 8 pups, as a DNA test showed that Dad was a Chihuahua!  We had a guessing contest for what breed Dad might be, and needless to say no one guessed remotely close...

Storm was adopted in June 2017, and her family tells us it was love at first sight!  She welcomed her new dad with kisses, and then Baby Storm was a surprise for their 5 year old daughter Rylyn….can you even THINK of a better surprise?!?!

Adoption Day - meeting her new family 💖
*We may or may not be tearing up at the sweetness here*

Storm is loved SO much in her Furever Home as she continues to grow up.  Here’s what her family had to say about what she’s been up to since adoption:

Storm is a kind and gentle giant! She loves giving licks, sitting on our lap, and snuggling with Rylyn under a blanket.  She did great in her obedience class, loves her dog park visits, and loves to run around our backyard and check out all the action. Storm is the best new addition to our family and we like to say we are the lucky ones because she is a doll!

Obedience Graduate!

Storm also recently paid it forward by being a Big Sis to two of our Oopsy Puppies - what fun!!  We are so grateful to Storm's family giving 2 more puppies an awesome start to their lives.


We want to wish Storm and her Fiesta Litter siblings a very Happy Birthday this week!  Born with no home to call their own, and now all adopted and United by Love – that’s the magic of rescue!

Thursday, February 1, 2018


Shared by UDR Volunteer, Sara Miller:

As much as I would like to wrap up in a blanket with coffee/hot chocolate and hide indoors through the winter weather, my Doberman Charlie does NOT stop, and I know I'm not alone here...  Here are some tips and some of my personal favorite products we use to avoid winter blues and household crazies:

1 – Dress for the weather.  Minnesota winters are no joke, but most days it’s possible to get out to play or go for a walk if you’re properly equipped.  Like you, your Doberman will appreciate a warm winter jacket.  Protective paw balms, like Musher’s Secret, or even Vaseline can help stave off a little bit of the cold and prevent ice balls from forming in between their pads.

Jacket, Snood and Boots

2 – Beware of salt!  Dobes’ relatively hairless feet are very sensitive to the chemical burn of salted roads and sidewalks.  Protect their feet with booties – Ultra Paws Rugged boots tend to fit Doberman feet well – or make sure that you are washing their feet after they get home to get all the salt off.  Be sure that you are using a dog-safe melting agent on your own sidewalk and deck. 

3 – Indoor fun.  Mental stimulation can be even MORE energy draining than physical activities, and you can do the following right in your own home: 
  • Play hide-and-seek – also a great way to reinforce obedience ‘stays’ while you hide.
  • Make your dog work for their meals through obedience behaviors or extend meal time by scattering their kibble all across the floor for them to track down.
  • Load up interactive toys with treats or daily kibble – I personally love stuffed Kongs (which I freeze for added duration), the Kong Wobbler dispenser, and the Orbee-Tuff ‘Snoop’ dispensing toy from Planet Dog.
  • Heavy Duty chews:  I like antlers, water buffalo horns and Benebones for best holding up to my power chewer.
Ready to stuff & freeze Kongs

4 - Sign up for a new class at your local training or obedience center:  Dobermans excel in tricks, rally obedience and nosework classes, which can be trained largely indoors.  Or give a sport like agility or flyball a try!

Obedience Level 2 Graduation with Pupcakes

5 – Field trips.  Bring your dog along to the local pet store to pick out a chew to keep them occupied.  Home Depot and a variety of other stores are dog-friendly too -  Sidewalk Dog keeps a great reference guide of restaurants, breweries, coffee shops and stores that are dog-friendly in Minnesnowda.

Helping at a meet & greet as a breed ambassador

You can also plan to join UDR at our upcoming INDOOR events in February: 
Feb 17th – meet & greet in Urban Tail’s indoor play and training area from noon until 2pm (Uptown Minneapolis - 2106 Lyndale Ave S)
Feb 18th – pack walk around Rosedale Center (Roseville mall) from 9am to 11am

Playing (ok, begging for treats are the only non-blurry action photos...) at Urban Tails during a UDR meet & greet

....and of course there's nothing wrong with still curling up for naps and snuggles!