Surrendering your Doberman

We understand life happens. If you have the unfortunate experience of needing to surrender your Doberman , first check with the place you purchased the dog, most reputable breeders require the Doberman to be returned to them. If you acquired the Doberman from someone else, contact them to see if they want the dog back. This will save valuable volunteer time.
Coco, Leia, & Glory

The quickest way to get information to surrender your Doberman is email us at:

Other options to reach a United Doberman Rescue Volunteers to surrender your Doberman are:

Fill our the surrender form online at:

Call Us:

A volunteer will get back to you within 24 hours! If you do not hear back please try again!

We are home based at the Doberman Ranch in Buffalo, Minnesota. All our adoptable dogs are fostered in private homes with our wide group of dedicated volunteers. We are able to help Dobermans in the entire upper Midwest 5 state area, of Minnesota, Iowa, North and South Dakota, and Wisconsin, south down to Texas, and west to Colorado and New Mexico. Please contact for more information on surrendering!

Note-We will not take Dobermans that are known biters, or aggressive Dobermans. 


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