Thursday, September 28, 2017

Brush up on your Canine Behavior Skills with this FREE demo at Oct-Dober-Fest October 7th!

Know what your dog is saying you through it's body language seminar at Octoberfest, a FREE community event for all dog lovers, on October 7th at Bloomington Obedience and Training Center!!

Animal rescuers, fosters and dog owners alike who understand canine body language are better able to predict behaviors and reactions, avoid unnecessary bites to other canines and humans, and provide better quality of life for all dogs in their care when they understand the body language of our canine companions.

Learning to understand how to interact with dogs and how they interact with each other does not come over night. It takes time and you must submerge yourself into their world! It truly is like learning a new language.

Come join us for a body language seminar with your dog in our doggy play area with a professional dog trainer and handler!!!

Have a leash reactive dog?? She will also be doing a seminar on reactive dogs that you do not want to miss! If you have a reactive dog and would like her to work with your dog as a demo dog, contact us at

Here are some great tips, from the ASPCA, which focus on letting dogs be dogs, plus ensuring your safety and theirs


Before you interact with dogs, hone your observational skills so you can properly and objectively label body language. For example, note that a dog’s eyes are squinty and his mouth is open rather than “This dog is happy.” Note tail position, stance, whites of eyes.


Watching dogs play or observing your own dogs at home provides plenty of great fodder for studying canine behaviors and interactions. Train your eyes to correctly identify what you see.


Fostering dogs can be wonderful enrichment for adoptable animals, and allows adopters to imagine what the dogs would look like cuddled up with their own pets. Ideal candidates for canine roommates are similar in age, size and play style. Just note, it’s always important to separate dogs at feeding time. Feeding in a crate helps encourage positive crate experiences for the dog.


Many trainers will tell you never to feed a barking dog, as they reason that will reinforce bad behavior. But if a person approaches a barking dog over and over to toss him a treat, he will soon realize that they’re not a threat—they’re bringing delicious snacks, after all. He will likely lose his motivation to bark, and you may start seeing friendly body language instead.


It’s an outdated misconception that humans should be dominant over dogs. When we try to act like a dog by using muzzle grabs, alpha rolls and scruff shakes, we likely appear unpredictably aggressive through the dog’s eyes. Dogs don’t see us as dogs, and are likely to respond better to quiet, non-threatening body language. Dogs need to know that they can trust you and you will be honest with them.


If a loose dog comes charging at you, these key actions will make you appear less threatening:
Stop all movement
Avoid eye contact
Turn sideways
Cross or lower arms


It isn’t always easy to tell the difference between two dogs playing or fighting. Here are some signs to look for when determining if you should intervene.
One dog continually chases another, with no role reversal
Bared teeth, ears forward
Head or tail remains high and stiff
Body is stiff, not loose and wiggly
Escape, avoidance or hiding behaviors

If you’re not sure whether both dogs are having fun, try leading the more excited dog away, and see if the other dog follows playfully.

A simple way to discourage some of these unwanted behaviors is a squirt bottle filled with water. Water is harmless and it relays the message to the dog that the behavior they just displayed or might display is unacceptable. The downside....some dogs really love water and actually find this squirt bottle method a super fun water fountain!

Drink a beer, Save a Dog!

Drink a beer save a dog! 
51% of all proceeds go directly back to United Doberman Rescues homeless dogs thanks to Ms. Grayce!!

Why Rescued Dog? Along with the many, many triumphant endings of countless dogs, Grayce reminds us every day. Grayce was literally thrown away by her owner. Dumped to fend for herself and emaciated by the time she was found wandering. She is deaf, diabetic, epileptic and visually impaired. Above all, she is beyond amazing. Her disabilities do not define her. In fact, she has no idea that she is challenged in any way. She thrives. She rose above and inspires us every day. Her love is endless. She is the driving inspiration behind Rescued Dog.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

UDR is helping to keep your pet safe! Micro-chipping Clinic $25 at Oct-Dober-Fest

Don't let your dog be a statistic!
Get your pet chipped at our Micro-Chipping clinic at 
Oct-Dober-Fest October 7th from 11am to 4pm! 
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In light of the hurricanes and fires across the US, and in an effort to make sure all homeless pets are re-United with their owners, United Doberman Rescue wants to make a difference and will be holding a Micro-Chipping clinic at 
Oct-Dober-Fest, on October 7th from 11am to 4pm, at the Bloomington Obedience and Training Center. 

Keep your pet safe!
Micro-chipping your pet with registration will cost only $25.00. Everyone, every breed is welcome to stop by and be chipped! Call our UDR support line if you have any questions about the micro-chipping clinic at 612-405-8522, or would like to set up a specific time at the event to have your pet chipped! 

You can also email us at for more information.

Lost Dog Poster

*Pets with proper identification and a registered microchip have the best chance of being returned to their homes.
*10 million dogs are lost or stolen each year, if your pet is a statistic, micro-chipping may make the difference in them finding their way back home.
*Many strays in shelters are lost pets that were not provided with identification of any kind.
*Microchips can not be taken off your pet like a collar can, and provide proof of ownership if your pet is stolen!
*One in three pets will become lost at some point during their life.

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Make it a date! Stop by our event and get your pet chipped for $25!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Dobermans have a variety of colors and anatomies or know your Doberman breed!

Hot off the press.......September United Doberman Rescue Newsletter!

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"I love reading the newsletter!"

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Sasha drools at the chance to read her newsletter!

The newsletter arrives in her INBOX. Hopi jumps for joy!

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