Wednesday, March 28, 2018


It is a common myth that dogs in rescues or shelters must be “damaged” or to blame for their surrender.  Dobermans come to United Doberman Rescue from a variety of avenues: 

1 – We help fellow Doberman rescue groups that are overwhelmed.  All rescues are limited by SPACE and can quickly fill to kennel or foster home capacity.  We work with partner Doberman groups across the country, and particularly with Doberman Rescue of North Texas, to offer a helping hand when space and transport is available in our program. 
Including our current Adoptable dogs: Abbi, Misty Blue, Rhonda, Sylvia, Millers Dozen momma & pups
Roadtrip for transfers from Doberman Rescue of North Texas

2 – Owner Surrender.  Often times owner surrenders aren’t the fault of the dog at all.  Unfortunately life happens, and it’s not always pretty:  divorces, moves, allergies, family crisis, or death of the previous owner are sadly not uncommon.
Including our current Adoptable dogs: Bear, Luke, Luki, Maggie, Prada, Sunny

Sunny's elderly owner had to move into an assisted-living facility

3 – We pull Dobermans from shelters into our own program.  Shelters and humane societies frequently look to place dogs in breed-specific rescues, as this saves two lives: the life of the Doberman in the shelter who may be facing a euthanasia clock, and making room for another dog to come into the shelter.  With our foster homes being experienced and trained in the breed, we are more apt to have a successful, lasting adoption.
Including our current Adoptable dogs: Bianca, Bruno, Sheba

Bruno came from a shelter all the way in Louisiana

We are very fortunate to be able to help dogs in need that are well outside of a ‘standard’ coverage area.  Our 2017 dogs came from Minnesota, Montana, Texas, New Mexico, Idaho, Colorado, Kansas, Ohio, Iowa, Louisiana, California, Missouri, Wisconsin, North Dakota and even internationally from India!  We are excited that 2018 is bringing even more connections.

Monday, March 5, 2018


UDR needs fosters!  We get weekly or even daily pleas to help Dobermans in need….but we can only take in as many dogs as we have foster homes for!

Here’s some things to consider:

Don’t want the expense of another dog? No worries-we have you covered on food, supplies (as donated), vet expenses and boarding or temp foster care if you go on vacation!  We just ask you to supply love, structure and occasional transport to our meet & greet events.  As a 501c3, you can hold onto your receipts for anything extra you buy (toys, chews, bedding, etc.) for your role as a foster home as a potential tax write-off.

As a foster home YOU let us know suits your home and lifestyle the best- a puppy, teenager, adult, or senior - male or female! 

Fostering can range from a few weeks to several months.  We are always in need of temporary foster homes as well – typically a week or less in case the existing foster has a trip or vacation.

REALLY like a dog that comes in?  Foster homes have the first option to adopt, and you can join our extensive Foster Fail community.

We often hear “I could never foster a dog, I would get too attached!” The truth is, yes, foster homes DO get attached. But we are saving their life by being the bridge between their old life and their new life. We often times get to see them go from rags to riches. We get to be their savior in a time of desperate need. And seeing our foster dogs in their forever home, is more rewarding than the ‘pain’ of letting them go, and often times we get multiple updates on them.

And ya know tons of WARM, FUZZY FEELINGS knowing you have saved a life….often times TWO lives – the life of your foster dog, and the another dog for the space you have opened up for the overwhelmed shelter or rescue that your foster came from.

If you have any questions – send us an email at:
If you’re ready to apply to be a foster home, visit our website for an application at:

Here's some of the fun you could be having as a foster home:
We encourage you to Adventure with your foster dog!

Join us at fun meet & greet events!


You and your own dog can soak up the love!