Thursday, May 10, 2018


Cass was Momma to the Colorado Fab 5 litter.  She now goes by the name Daisy, and her owners report she is a very sweet and happy girl that they adore! 

Daisy (f/k/a Momma Cass) and her Fab 5 pups

What is Daisy up to these days?  She loves chasing butterflies, laying in the sun, going for car rides, and playing chase with her toys.  Daisy is happiest getting her belly rubbed, going for walks, and running with other dogs at the dog park.   Daisy’s adopters report she is very outgoing and highly social with others.

Physically Daisy has had some challenges recovering from her former life.  Her fabulous owners have diligently helped get her through treatment for hookworms, multiple ear infections, and an antibiotic resistant staph infection from her spa surgery.  Poor girl!  Luckily sweet Daisy has been the most patient of patients, and is on the upswing.

Getting her Epsom salt and antibiotic hot compress
What a GOOD girl!

As needed for all UDR’s adopted dogs, Daisy has completed a basic obedience course at her local humane society.  Her adopters report it was very helpful and is making a big difference out-and-about and on walks.  True to her Doberman breed, Daisy is a quick learner and eager to please.

Spoiled and LOVING it!

We are so thankful to Adopters Star and Keith for their update on Daisy!  They have truly gone above and beyond as adopters, and Daisy’s health and happiness shows.  The BEST part of rescuing is knowing alumni dogs like Daisy will be dearly loved for the rest of their days!

Looking beautiful and healthy, Miss Daisy!

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