Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Volunteering: Think Outside the Box

Make a Difference - sign up to volunteer with United Doberman Rescue!

When we call for volunteers, many minds automatically go to foster homes or home visit evaluators, and while these are critical areas, as a rescue we use and value ALL nature of volunteers!  We will work with folks to use their skills and position them based on how much time they’d like to donate – whether that looks a ‘full time’ job like fostering or dropping a bag of food off at a foster home across the Cities once a month.

Here are some areas and types of people we are always looking for:
  • ·    Techies – website design or helping us out when we run into basic ‘technical’ difficulties like transferring a Word file to an image (no joke – this took us 2 weeks and 3 minds to figure out….).
  • ·     Photography – great photos help get our dogs adopted!  We also love to share photos of our events, but often times our fosters don’t have a spare hand or time to snap quality photos while they chat with visitors and potential adopters about their foster dog.
  • ·     Event planning – did you thrive on planning your kids’ birthday parties?!  Do you throw an amazing Super Bowl party?!  We have events big and small that need planning and organizing manpower from booking the venues, invitations, activities for attendees, vendors, raffles, etc
  • ·     People persons – simply coming to our events to hand out flyers or to just ‘talk dog’ with visitors is a HUGE help.  Assisting in fundraising or volunteer training are other exciting opportunities for those who love to work with people.
  • ·     Travel by car for work?  Help with a leg of transport for a dog arriving to our program or help move needed supplies to a foster home.
  • ·     Dog training skills – no need to be a professional, but someone experienced and willing to share their tips with our foster parents on common problem issues like jumping up on people, pulling on walks, counter surfing or resource guarding  - good manners go a LONG way in helping a dog be chosen by potential adopters!
  • ·     Microsoft Excel whiz?  Help us track vet expenses and program dog information or help us create a template we can work from.
  • ·     Are you an online auction or Ebay aficionado?!  We are looking to expand in both of these areas!

 Volunteering can largely be what YOU want to make of it with regard to time commitment and nature of duties.  We hope you can join in our fun community of Doberman lovers!  You can let us know where your strengths and interests lay by filling out a Volunteer Application on our website:   http://www.uniteddobermanrescue.org/

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